The Path

by Peter Swart

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My first solo-album was released in 2003 and re-released in 2006 in a 'revisited'- edition, which you can listen to and download on this site. Added were drumparts, performed by Koos van Reeven.
The album contains songs inspired by paintings, stories and dreams. The music flows from intimate classical guitar and piano melodies to more dramatic symphonic rock eruptions.


released April 9, 2003

To this album several persons have contibuted:

Peter Swart: all compositions, guitars, keyboards and vocals
Koos van Reeven: drums
Peter van der Laan: lyrics of tracks 1-9-10-11-12 and vocals on 11
Anna Windig: lyrics of tracks 3-4-5-6
Frits van Mourik: recording of drums and mix
Harry de Vries: artwork



all rights reserved


Peter Swart Maassluis, The Netherlands

Heavely influenced by the symphonic rock music of the seventies, my compositions range from intimate pieces for the classical guitar ('Along flowing waters' on THE PATH) to robust themes ('Movement 5' on ROFLORÉ). Inspiration is found in dreams , paintings, literature ('Werther' on THE COUCH), fairy tales ('The Snow Queen' on SHADES) and science fiction (ROFLORÉ).
I'm a medical psychologist.
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Track Name: White Melancholy
silvery waters breathe purity
nymphs dance 'round their goddess
winged words of peace and serenity
silken veils
the swans bear

lutanist your beautiful tears
create the stream of life
the silent wish
of the nymph's here
may your echo arrive
Track Name: The Road Goes Ever On And On
forever wind this road it's way
my feet go on I cannot stay
the door from which it all begun
is left behind
on and on

I tread this road till I may meet
a further course some larger way
where different paths each other greet
always gone I cannot stay
Track Name: Strider
it is not gold though it may glisten
gnarled roots hidden from the frost
if those who walk would really listen
the old that is strong will not be lost
Track Name: Nimrodel
an elven maid like shining gold
she looked a star by day
a gold hemned robe she wore of old
her feet in silver grey

upon her head a star was bound
it shone so light and fair
like sun in Lorien is found
it shines in elven's hair

she was so bright she was so free
flowing hair her limbs so tall
she went in wind and breeze as light
as linden leaf in fall

from Nimrodel beside the falls
words like liquid silver heard
a distant voice that clearly calls
though no one said a word

into the shining pool is lost
the voice of Nimrodel
she walks upon a further coast
that none has lived to tell
Track Name: Gandalf
when in the Shire grey eve had come
his footsteps heard at end of day
to silent journey he had gone
over the hills and far away

from barren north to scorching hill
through woods he walks when'er he will

a sword of death a hand that heals
a weary back bent neath it's toil
a booming voice a branch he wheels
a pilgrim walking heavy soil

alone he stood on bridge of stone
to conquish darkness with his might
and fighting shadows on his own
in Khazad Dûm his wisdom died
Track Name: Tender Innocence Part 2
born is the child
born in complete innocence
maternal feelings of love
makes child's course begin

white stretches
peace of mind
tender innocence
the beginning of the course of life

fortune knows not borders
Eden-like woods shelter
from all that is evil
divinely singing birds show the way

as life strides along
times seem to hasten fleetly as well
it's also the same way
how shelter once comes to an end

again white stretches
mother and child go farther afield
entirely disappearing out of sight
on their way to their final fate
Track Name: A Retrospect Part 1 - La Dolce Vita
blue valleys
overwhelmed with sweet odours
green trees
and above all love
paradisiac fruits grow
life in abundance and peace
God & Devil
they're off
Track Name: A Retrospect Part 2 - Bearer Of Darkness
the scourge of pleasure
has become the one of doom
gallowropes strangle
Christ crucified
"The Apocalyps ... soon?!"
Track Name: A Retrospect Part 3 - Finale / The Question
in terror I'm looking behind
not knowing what's in front of me
a frail bridge across a yawning chasm
do I lead myself to Babylon
or am I to be called blessed
time has come to leave
what shall my ultimate destination be